Data Privacy and Net Neutrality

Norma has been a leader in the Washington State Legislature, working with a bipartisan group of House members to protect your data privacy and ensure net neutrality in Washington state.

Norma successfully led the effort to formalize the Office of Privacy and Data Protection in law, giving Washingtonians greater control of their online data and providing more oversight of sensitive data use by state agencies (HB2875). You can learn more about the Office of Privacy and Data Protection at

In December 2017, Norma introduced legislation to protect Net Neutrality (HB2284). Working with her colleague from the 23rd District, they crafted the first law in the nation to preserve a fair and free internet, while protecting consumer choice and ensuring that small businesses and entrepreneurs can complete in a global economy. HB 2282 was passed with strong bipartisan support, underscoring its importance for all Washingtonians.

Further, Norma introduced and passed legislation to limit the collection and use of your biometric data by state agencies (HB1717, HB2213) and created a standard for how customer data must be handled by utilities (HB1896). She also co-sponsored legislation requiring internet service providers receive your consent before selling your personal data (HB2200).

While data privacy protections have been under attack in Washington D.C., Norma has always been a strong voice for those who want more say in how their personal data is being used, especially by those who make money off the sale of personal data. She will continue to fight on your behalf against those who profit from the sale of your information without your knowledge and consent.