Making Government Transparent, Accountable

Housing affordability, private sector job creation and using your tax dollars wisely in school and transportation projects all have one thing in common: they are adversely impacted by the needless costs of duplicative permitting and excessive regulations. Making your state government more accountable and responsive is a high priority for Norma. (Please read her editorial in the Everett Herald – Norma has been a leader in the legislature addressing this issue. Her successful work includes:

  • Reformof the ‘Regulatory Fairness Act’, protecting small business job creators (HB1120)
  • Requiring agencies to post estimates and track permit approval times (E2SHB2192)
  • Authorizing Department of Commerce regulatory streamlining projects (HB1818)
  • Establishing regular review of regulations by Ecology, L&I and Health (HB1591,SB5679)