Thoughtful Economic and Energy Policies

Norma is laser focused on job-creation and economic recovery.  She effectively serves as the ranking member on the Technology and Economic Development Committee. By working closely with small business owners, she understands the specific challenges facing employers trying to retain and grow jobs. Norma is a tireless advocate for actions critical to unleash the creative innovation and potential of our diverse industry sectors and create quality jobs for Washingtonians. She supports legislation that invests in workforce development and improves our competitive advantages.  For example:

  • Norma has successfully passed a number of policies aimed at improving one of Washington’s key competitive disadvantages: an adversarial regulatory climate. The latest is HB1120, crafted with stakeholders to improve the regulatory fairness act for small businesses – holding state agencies more accountable for mitigating impacts on those businesses which provide the backbone of rural economies.
  • Norma has fought to ensure that jobs directly dependent upon reliable, low-cost, clean energy are protected and promoted and that ratepayers have a voice in decisions. Job creation and a clean energy future must go hand-in-hand. Washington state has one of the cleanest advanced manufacturing and production sectors in the world, whose wages provide the cornerstone for a sound economy. Low cost clean, renewable hydro and other sustainable, reliable energy sources are key competitive advantages essential to the viability and vitality of those sectors.
  • Norma served on the negotiating team for several years crafting the solar energy legislation which provides the framework for greater deployment across the state.  Working with stakeholders, she led the effort to establish the first of its kind in the nation: “Solar Module Stewardship Takeback and Recycling Program”. The legislation ensures the state has a responsible stewardship program in place to deal with the hazardous substances in today’s panels and a plan for recycling the commercially valuable components.  The program has been recognized nationally and internationally as a model for the future.

“I remain committed to being your advocate, giving you my best, everyday. You deserve nothing less.”

“Thank you,”

Norma Smith