Environmental Stewardship

Preserving the magnificent beauty around us is a value we all share. Norma believes that we have a duty to protect and steward our natural resources with a generational focus, always considering the consequences of current legislation decades from now on those who count on us today to govern responsibly. Her recognized work includes:

  • Champion of forest health funding in Capital Budget (DNR recognition, February 8, 2018)
  • Created nation’s first solar module recycling program (HB4664, ESSB5939)
  • To reach our clean energy and transportation goals, established joint research center to reduce U.S. dependency on overseas rare earths and conflict materials, replacing them with earth abundant materials that can be acquired in environmentally responsible processes and respectful of human-rights. (JCDREAM HB1897)
  • Crafted reform of $1B water pollution control loan program (SHB1141, HB2309)
  • Led funding to remove abandoned fishing nets harming Puget Sound habitat (ESSB5035)
  • Co-led efforts for derelict vessel legislation for Washington waterways (HB 1245, 2457)