“Smith, in her more than 10 years in the Legislature, has demonstrated detailed knowledge and expertise on a range of issues, including technology, privacy, the environment, training for advanced manufacturing and mental health issues… Smith is a lawmaker who is able to think ahead regarding the needs of her district and the state and should be re-elected to a sixth term.”

Please visit HeraldNet.com for the full article "Editorial: Smith, Hayes for 10th Legislative District"

The Herald Oct. 16, 2018

"She gets results."

The Arlington Times

"Ensuring clean air, clean water, clean energy and open spaces in Washington State requires strong environmental champions in the state legislature. Environment WA is proud to endorse the following candidates for state house in WA: Norma Smith…"

Environment Washington

"…we will plan to support your campaign by amplifying your calls for volunteers and donors using social media. …We look forward to continuing to work together to build a better system of support for everyone involved with kids and families who are experiencing a variety of severe difficulties in their lives."

Children's Campaign Fund

"Dear Representative Smith,

The Washington State Nurses Association Political Action Committee (WSNA-PAC) Board of Trustees is pleased to endorse your campaign for the 2018 General Election...

...We appreciate your strong support of nursing priorities and patient safety.

We look forward to working with you to advocate for these priorities in Olympia. Please do not hesitate to contact WSNA Director of Public Affairs, Jennifer Muhm, at 206‑575‑7979, ext. 3009 or jmuhm@wsna.org with any questions.

Good luck on your campaign!"

Christopher Birchem, BS, RN Chair, WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees

“Norma works effectively for all our state’s residents. She can identify issues, learn, and lead others to solutions. I am grateful for her successful work to preserve net neutrality and data privacy.”

Jill Boudreau Mayor - Mount Vernon, WA

“Small business owners know they can count on Rep. Norma Smith to look out for them in the state legislature. She digs in on critical issues that really make a difference in how small businesses are impacted by state government, but often don’t get the attention they deserve. Norma has led the charge to reduce red tape and hold state agencies accountable. She’s won concessions instilling entrepreneurship and small business requirements in economic development programs that would otherwise benefit big, out-of-state players. That’s why she’s earned NFIB’s Guardian of Small Business award an impressive five times so far. We are fortunate to have Rep. Norma Smith, a thoughtful, determined, and reliable friend to small business serving in the state legislature.”

Patrick Connor NFIB Washington State Director National Federation of Business

"We commend Rep. Smith for her exceptional, bipartisan championship on statewide mental health issues. Her work not only promotes public safety but is also a great service to people suffering from mental illness, their families and others who care for these individuals. We hope she will be retained to carry on this needed, good work for years to come."

Seth Dawson People for Safe & Healthy Communities

"Honorable Norma Smith:

I am happy to inform you that the LEOFF 1 Coalition is proud to endorse you in your 2018 election.

LEOFF 1 Coalition is the only statewide organization that represents only retired LEOFF 1 members: Deputy Sheriffs, PoliceOfficers, and Fire Fighters. The mission is to protect the LEOFF 1 Law and Trust Fund for members and their spouses.

LEOFF 1 Members are Retired Law Enforcement Officers and FireFighters who spent a lifetime of serving and protecting the citizens and their property twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Their duties over a demanding career carried a great deal of risk. These men and women were here to protect you, and now it’s time for you, the Legislators, to protect their pension. Their pension was part of their benefit package and a signed contract at the time of their employment.

A promise made should be a promise kept.

Thank you for protecting the LEOFF 1 pension.

Good luck on your campaign."

Joyce Willms LEOFF 1 Coalition


Standing with those who protect and serve our communities:

Washington State Council of Firefighters
Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS)
Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters 1 Coalition
Washington State Patrol Troopers Association


Working to preserve our family farms for generations to come:

Washington State Farm Bureau
Island County Farm Bureau
Penn Cove Shellfish
Washington Dairy Families
Northwest Dairymen’s Political Action Committee
Washington Potato and Onion Association
Washington Forest Protection


Standing with those who care for us

Washington State Nurses Association Political Action Committee
Washington State Dental Political Action Committee
Washington State Medical Association
Washington Hospitals Political Action Committee


Advocating for our children

Children’s Campaign Fund
Association of Washington School Principals


Leading on issues that help our private sector grow, create, and retain family wage jobs:

National Federation of Independent Business (The Voice of Small Business)
Solar Installers
Entertainment Software Association
Trucking Action Committee
Washington Beverage Association
Washington State Auto Dealers
Washington Hospitality Association
Washington Beer & Wine Distributors Association
Washington Retail Association
Puget Sound Pilots


Listening to those who help families find homes:

Washington Affordable Housing Council
Washington Association of Realtors


Advocating for constituents in a broad range of policy arenas:

Washington State Dental PAC
Washington State Medical Association
Washington Hospital PAC
Puget Sound Pilots


Finding common sense solutions working with community leaders:

Representative Dave Hayes – 10th Legislative District
Mayor Bob Severns – Oak Harbor
Mayor Jill Boudreau – Mount Vernon
Councilman Nate Nehring – Snohomish County Council
Commissioner Jill Johnson – Island County
Councilman Mark Hulst – Mount Vernon
County Executive Bruce Dammeier – Pierce County
Sherriff Mark Brown – Island County
Senator Barbara Bailey – 10th Legislative District
Commissioner Curt Gordon – South Whidbey Port Commission


Focused on serving those I represent, honored to be your everyday advocate in Olympia:

Eldon Baker
Barney and Joyce Beeksma
Bill and Lindy Benjamin
Barney and Joyce Beeksma
Roberta Butterworth
Tina Champeaux
Jim and Claudia Cox
Bob and Claire Eberle
Doug Eldridge
Patty Encinas
Matthew Ericksen
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Ian Jefferds
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