Prioritized and Sustainable Budgets

Budget sustainability and discipline are critical to providing the essential services of government. Norma believes we have adequate dollars to provide for essential services without raising taxes. Your hard-earned tax dollars should be used first to provide quality education, public safety for our communities, care for the most vulnerable and critical infrastructure.  As one of the leaders and negotiators of the Capital Budget, Norma helped allocate valuable tax dollars to:

  • Education: Funding new school construction and modernization and keeping higher education opportunities affordable and accessible for our students.
  • Affordable Housing for families struggling to keep up with rising cost of living and home prices.
  • School Safety: Norma championed the effort to address the seismic safety of Washington Schoolsto protect students from the dangers earthquakes pose.
  • Mental and Behavioral Health: providing historic investments for facilities to build out the safety net in our communities providing resources for the most vulnerable in our communities.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Ensuring we protect our beautiful landscape for generations to come.

Critical infrastructure that keeps our economy moving.