Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for the honor of serving as your State Representative. These are serious times, with a great need for courage and kindness in the public square. Please know I remain committed to working respectfully to address the challenges we face. I am asking you for the opportunity to continue our work to forge an economic climate which promotes private sector job creation, welcomes innovation and rewards hard work, while inspiring our children, protecting your privacy and data, strengthening the safety net for our most vulnerable and offering a brighter future for all Washingtonians.

Your stories inspire me to be a determined, effective advocate for you and our communities. My record of legislative accomplishments is due in large measure to your insights, encouragement and support.

My bi-partisan leadership and commitment to common sense, sustainable solutions to the challenges we face is born out of our deeply held American value: Government and the political process belongs to us, the people. Working together respectfully and with courage, we can chart a new direction. I remain committed to giving you my best, everyday.

Norma Smith
Thank you,

Norma Smith


“Smith, in her more than 10 years in the Legislature, has demonstrated detailed knowledge and expertise on a range of issues, including technology, privacy, the environment, training for advanced manufacturing and mental health issues… Smith is a lawmaker who is able to think ahead regarding the needs of her district and the state and should be re-elected to a sixth term.”

Please visit for the full article "Editorial: Smith, Hayes for 10th Legislative District"

The Herald Oct. 16, 2018