Quality of Life

The 10th District is truly one of the most beautiful areas in the state of Washington. From Whidbey Island to Camano, Stanwood to the Skagit Valley, we enjoy a quality of life unmatched anywhere else. Norma knows we must:

  • Protect our farmland by protecting our farmers. Our farmers are responsible stewards of the land, providing essential food products and protecting beautiful open spaces. Local, state and federal agencies have overwhelmed farmers with regulations and policies that require excessive time and money. Norma will continue to focus on reforms that free farmers to do what they do best, and that future generations are able to follow.
  • Be smart about environmental protections. A healthy Puget Sound is vital to our communities, our economy, our food sources, and our future Norma will continue to champion stewardship that is sensible and uses sound science, maximizing our effectiveness and preserving the Puget Sound for generations to come.
  • Protect state parks and adequate fund their operations, as they are truly one of the jewels of the Northwest. Our 10th district economy relies on the activity generated by our parks, and families around the sate rely on the inexpensive recreation opportunities. The state must slow their purchases of new public land and prioritize managing our state parks for the benefit of every Washingtonian.


“I remain committed to being your advocate, giving you my best, everyday.
You deserve nothing less.”

“Thank you,”

Norma Smith

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