Quality Education for our Children

Every student deserves the opportunity to have a quality education and to be prepared for success. The Washington state constitution is clear; providing for the basic education of all children within our borders is the paramount duty of the legislature in the budgeting process. For far too long, budget leaders in Olympia put education on the chopping block first, when it is clear that adequately funding education should be priority number one. Specifically, these are actions Norma believes we should focus on now:

  • Prioritize education and fund education first, adequately and in a manner that is fair to all children across the state.
  • Address unfunded mandates passed from the state on to our school districts that drive cost and don’t improve student learning.
  • Reduce administrative costs in the education system to ensure that tax dollars allocated to public schools are in fact reaching children in the classroom.
  • Promote standards and accountability that encourage excellence in learning and teaching.
  • Prioritize career and technical education opportunities and enhance information flow between schools and the job opportunities that await students while providing the fundamental building blocks of a well-rounded education.


“I remain committed to being your advocate, giving you my best, everyday.
You deserve nothing less.”

“Thank you,”

Norma Smith

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